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The "Doubles"

The "Doubles"

Yes... The "Doubles" are back in 2019 !


Gaynor Lowe will run this fundraising event on behalf of the BGRC on racedays, at the track

How it works: 

When fields are announced, 2 races will be selected (races with full fields & preferably with reserves).

64 tickets will be written, to match the 8 Dogs in each race by their starting boxes e.g. R1D1-R2D4

Patrons will pay $2 for a 'Chance' and pick a ticket from a cloth bag.

The back of the ticket will show the Dog from 1st race & the Dog from 2nd race which MUST WIN to take out the Daily Double. 

That means that both of the dogs, shown by Race & Box number e.g. R1D4   R6D2,  must win their respective races.

Prize:   $60 CASH will be awarded to the patron with the winning Double Ticket which shows the Winner of BOTH of the races on that Raceday.

The Club will retain the balance of funds ($68) as a fundraising amount for that day.

The committee sincerely thanks Gaynor for volunteering to fund-raise for the Club


*Tickets sheets are numbered (a different serial number is used for each race meeting)

- The winning ticket must be from the 'numbered series' used for that Raceday.* 

**If we don't have 2 races with full fields - 'Doubles' will not operate**


For more information call the Greyhound Club office on 07 4152 2033

(phone diverts to mobile when office unattended)

or email