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Bundaberg Track Records

Bundaberg Track Records

Distance      Date       Greyhound      Time

315m New Distance

17.04.2023      Little Ripper      17.56

Congratulations to Trainer David Plummer and connections.


27.02.2023      Springview Magic  25.82

Congratulations to Trainer Eric Conroy and connections.

Previous record holders were...

10.02.2020      Shakey Diesel      25.94

23.12.2019      Big Bad Bob         25.98

11.11.2019     Elegant Eleanor     25.99

531m New Distance

27.03.2023      De Ferran      29.71

Congratulations to Trainer Tony Zammit and connections.

06.03.2023      Hope's Golden    30.18 

*The Bundy club no longer runs the distances 250, 550, 720 or 923. Currently there are no 315 or 257 races so there are no records for those distances. This means only the 460 & 531m times will alter at this stage.


               21.02.2022 Sunshine Delight 30.91

Previously held by two dogs sharing the record time...

                11.08.2007   Gonzo Farmer   31.21      

                27.06.1998    My Souvenir      31.21                

27.06.1998       Warren’s Best     42.08
Previously 42.64 Beena Sport 25.04.1986 Legacy Cup

923m      27.10.1990       Miss Rebecca      56.42

250m     10.05.2008       Miss Makatam      14.54 H/T

What we know about these Greyhounds:

Tejay's Grand  (El Grand Senor x Summer's Sizzler). Whelped 6.12.2011 Trainer: Thomas Lowe Owner: Hope Elson

Secret Code - whelped 30.04.2005

Tweed Intent (No Intent x Indigo Mint)
whelped 02-06-2004

Gonzo Farmer - whelped 20.02.2002

My souvenir - whelped Mar-1995

Warren's Best  whelped 10.03.1995

Miss Rebecca  whelped 13.12.1986

Miss Makatam - whelped 06.04.2005

A note from history:

On ANZAC Day 25.04.1986 trainer Wendy Green had quite a day.

In the Legacy cup her 'Beena Sport' set the track record and her 'Irish Dollar' placed 2nd.

She won the the March Past Stakes with Tinten Bar and;

In the 3rd Grade Anzac Stakes 'She Excels' gave her the Treble. 

[We found this information in old photographs]

We obtained some of this information from Racing Queensland and the Australian Racing Greyhound site which hasn't been updated for quite a while.

If you have information which would allow us to verify times and display accurate records, please contact us at;


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