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Doggie Treats

It's hot... your adopted Greyhound is hot... what ya gonna do?

Make Chicken-Neck-ICE-BLOCKS


Get some chicken necks.   (IGA sell a kilo for about $4)

Empty the bag of necks into a bowl & cover with warm water. 

Let stand for a while... the water soon becomes pink...

This is yummy Chicken Blood Water... to a Greyhound it's their favourite thing!

Use a muffin tray.

Put 1 or 2 chicken necks into each muffin 'hole' (depending on how big your muffin tray holes are).

Cover each chicken neck with some 'chicken blood water' and freeze.

Guaranteed, your beautiful adopted greyhound is going to have a lot of fun... licking the ice, enjoying the water till they hit the crunchy chicken neck inside.

Everybody wins.